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This is a test



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Hey everyone if you’re reading this my blog HAS MOVED. I was previously redirecting quantis.ca to qtwo.wordpress.com but I decided to not be cheap anymore and purchase some hosting.

You can now access my blog directly via http://www.quantis.ca

See you there !

Team Awesome!

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Ride to MEC

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Jane and I went on an an epic first ride together today. First we visited Brian and Ivy at the wedding show then went all the way to westborough for bridgehead and shopping at MEC.

Bicycle Groceries

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I finally took my new bike ( with a basket ) to the grocery store. The whole thing worked out quite well. Groceries + exercise + no gas used. Yay!

Stephen In The Studio B&W

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Photo and styling by Jane. Lighting and PP by Me.

Chalk Wall – First Post

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Oh the fun we are going to have with this. The possibilities are endless. Here’s a quick collaboration between Jane and myself.